The ghosts floating up,
the snow falling down

Welcome, stranger, to Worm King’s Lullaby, a fanlisting and humble dedication to the character Ichimaru Gin from the popular manga series, Bleach, created by Kubo Tite. This fanlisting is listed at Anime Fanlistings under the category Characters 0-M.

Please be aware that there are unmarked spoilers abound. The content focuses solely on the manga as well as supplemental material when applicable. English translations from chapters 001-187 are taken from the VIZ Media publication of the series. English translations from chapter 188 and onwards are provided by Manga Stream. The full names of characters are given in the lastname firstname format, but characters are generally referred to by their first name throughout the site; the only exception is Aizen Sosuke who is referred to as "Aizen."

Navigate using the links above. Surface provides a rough overlook of the series and covers basic information about Gin; this is the least spoiler-filled portion of the site. Depth explores a great deal of his character and his role in the story. Images and other goodies can be found in Media while Listing will direct you to his fanlisting. To learn more about the site or to find out more about the series, visit the appropriately named section.

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